Cut Your Extra Deposited Fat with Honey

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  • Any person, who has extra fat deposited over tummy and another part of body, can use the following tips with exercise and diet restriction for better result without any side effects.
  • Mix 20-25 grams honey with plain water at night and keep it till morning. ( Do not use warm water or do not add lemon juice) In the morning drink with empty stomach after brushing your teeth. Same thing do in the morning and drink this mixture at bed time.

Overweight Teen

  • In market most of branded honey made by synthetic process. It’s not effective for this way, although sometimes it may gain weight too, so take care about it. Also never make honey on hot stove and never mix it in hot water or hot food.
  • There is no need to mix lemon juice in honey, it not useful to cut fat, although it will make joint pain in bonus after several months trying.
  • Honey is very energetic and also it cuts fat sharply, thus whenever using this therapy of honey, you will never get weakness after cutting in food intake also. (Pure Honey is available at our center)


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