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Dr. Nikul Patel

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Exploring the Miracles of Indian System of medicine to the world as a Pure Way is our motto.

Thus we should have known the world that Ayurveda is not only the science of medicine but it is the science of life.

Ayurveda is not only a Medical scripts for Indians but it is full of Philosophy for the way of life and getting longer and healthy life for the human beings of the whole world.

Our efforts are dedicated to worship of Lord Dhanvatary and all Rushi’s (Ancient Scientist and Philosopher of Ayurveda who are nearby GOD.

Atharva Ayurveda Clinic

Dr. Nikul Patel (BAMS) is Founder and Chief Ayurveda Consultant of Atharva Ayurveda Clinic and Panchkarma center established from year 2000.

Various types of patients are treated here and get much satisfaction and Bless of them. We always try to make their faces back with smile and try to see a warm love in their eyes of satisfaction.

These give us more than 1 lack patient’s experience of various types of diseases.

After completing five and half years of Ayurveda Study From the colleges of Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India; Blessing of  Lord We get great success in Ayurveda Consulting field because of..


  • Good academic carrier at the time of studying at Ayurveda College.
  • Best Guidance and unbelievable love by our honorable professors of our academic carrier the flow of their warm wishes and best ever guidance is continue.
  • Sending Regular tips on Ayurveda in Gujarati/ Hindi/ English.
  • Have own website : lifecareayurveda.com in three languages
  • For anyone in worldwide can get guidance free from our website, where you can ask question and get answers. Also you can surf another Question answers of Ayurveda.


Garbh Sanskar :

It is compulsory for the couple who are planning to get child to know about Garbh Sanskar – which is the part of among of Sixteen Sanskar’s of Indian Culture. By this couple can get their child as

Better in physical constitution like best immunity, no deformities and also can prevent next child from the hereditary diseases.

Better in mental health like- more intelligent, good grasphing and smart memory.

Better in Spiritual and Sanskar as we wish, we can make inputs while pregnancy.


We Provides Online and Consultation for Garbh Sanskar as Guidance, Ayurveda Medicines- throughout from planning of Conception to delivery and then for the sanskars of child.


Suvarnaprashan Sanskar :

Suvarna Prashan Sanskar.. (An Ayurvedic Immunization)

Suvarnaprashan is one of the Sanskar among of the sixteen Sanskar of Indian Culture.

It is,

  • Strong Immunity Enhancer
  • Helps in Physical Developments
  • Memory Booster like miracle
  • Improves Grasping
  • Make Child More Active and Intelligent


For Birth to Twelve years aged child can get benefit from it. It has to take for Six months on daily basis.

I like to tell that One the Best Suvarnaprashan is available from our center. We experienced that each and every parents have make repeat order of Suvarnarashan after completing the one dosage. We also give assurance that we never make compromise in ingredients and the part of Gold.

Also we are making only for the direct contacts and for the patients of my center and their references only; so that we never gone through mass production for maintaining the purity and quality of it. We send this by prior order to all over India by courier.


With all type of Ayurveda treatment we have such specialties

  1. Male and Female Infertility
  2. Joint Pain problems
  3. Gastro-intestinal problems
  4. Headache – migraine and Sinus
  5. Psychological disorders
  6. Gynecological problem solving by Ayurveda – without hormonal and without side effect
  7. Sexual Disorders and Counseling.

You can get consultation from the following address and timings.

Dr. Nikul Patel
Ayurveda Consultant
Phone : +91-79-400 80844
Mobile : +91-98250 40844 ( do not call for free guidance)
WhatsApp : https://wa.me/919825040844

Atharva Ayurveda Clinic and Panchkarma Center
307, Third Floor, Shalin Complex,
Krishnabaug, Maninagar,
Ahmedabad (Gujarat); India – 380008
Timings : 10.00 am to 6.30 pm (IST)
(Saturday – Sunday Closed)
Email : info@lifecareayurveda.com

Whatsapp – Send ‘AYU’ Message to +91-9825040844
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