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Life Care Ayurveda : Adult Sex Education

Adult sex education is more important for both boy and girl

Now, most of parents are worried about how to give sex education to their children?
Maharshi Vatsyayan wrote “KAMASUTRA” and he guided a sex education in real scientific way. We makes a full education course from “Vatsyayan Kamsutraa” and Modern Sexology..

Any One can Join this Education course and they will get full pleasure of life in a right way.

We design three types of Sex Education courses for Both Male and Female.

1. Sex Education for Unmarried Adults..
2. Sex Education Just before Marriage….
3. Sex Education for married Couples…

Here is the details of the course…

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1. Sex Education for Unmarried Adults..
If you want to get sex education in right way; you must have to go for this way…..
Anatomy of male reproduction system
Anatomy of female reproduction system
Physiology of male reproduction system
Physiology of Female reproduction System
Caring of male sex organ as a hygienic way
Caring of female sex organs as a hygienic way

Basic Knowledge for STD (Sexual transmitted diseases)
How to prevent from STD (Sexual transmitted diseases)
“Shukraraksha” Knowledge about healthy Semen ( How to keep Sperm count in its normal level) as per Ayurveda theory.
Discussion forum about Masturbation.
Night Discharge
Discussion about length and health of penis.
What is impotency?
Premature ejaculation.
Basic knowledge of AIDS
Basic knowledge of “Vatsyayan kamshashtra” ( In ancient India Sex was included in one of the 64 arts and it was compulsary getting knowledge of sex education for all males and females before marriage)

2. Sex Education Just before Marriage….
What you have in knowledge about sex education Just before marriage…

All the topics described in past post title with knowledge for unmarried…..

and after that;
Care in previous days of marriage
Knowledge of functioning of sexual intercourse.
Tips for enjoying first wedding night successfully.
Dos and Don’t s of first wedding night.
How to get deep and passionate intercourse?
Basic knowledge of Menstruation cycle and caring those days.
Full knowledge about family Planning and Contraception.
How to make remembrance Honeymoon.
Knowledge of different types of Postures for sexual intercourse.
How to get steady your sexual health.
How to make every nights like first night?
Knowledge for Role play, Sex Games, Arousal, Passionate love making…
How can Ayurveda Medicines gives you improvement in sexual health?
and Debate related all of sexual health and primary knowledge

3. Sex Education for married Couples 
Get Knowledge for better sex and keep your marriage life more better than newly married couples, and also make healhty life…..
All about sexual organs : Anatomy and Physiology both
Sexual Physiology
Basic knowledge of embryology.
How to be cure from impotency and frigidity after few years of marriage life.
Premature ejaculation : causes and Solutions through Medicine and Sexual technics.
Unsatisfactory sexual orientation for both or either male or female.
Facts about Semen.
What is Oligospermmia, Azoospermia and how be cure from them?
Infertility and miscarriages.
Garbh Sanskar ( How to get Better Child?)
Better and innovative sex postures, and how to deal with different types of postures.
How to seduce your Partner?
Basic Knowledge of STD and HIV..
How to maintain sexual power as it is at later age also?
How to make Penis harder and big?
Breast care and how to make breasts beautiful? .
How to keep tightness and narrowness after normal delivery and also on old ages?

You can learn any of the course from our center… and get more pleasure in life…

Different types of packages for single and for couple…

Discounts for college students in Individual and in groups also.

Male and female not allowed in gathered if they are not in couple.

Female only allowed in group of minimum two.

All chapters are described by Audio, visual presentations and with Debate.

Debate can be arrange in private if anyone required if they comes in groups also..

You can get consultation from the following address and timings.

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