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The Best gift of life for every couple is their own child. But when such couples don’t have the best gift of their life; their dreams come lost ever. Their life will be disappointed. Infertility – is a pessimistic or a horror experience. Mostly females are teased by relatives in social functions and always they have to suffer. Thus, the journey of stressful and disappointed life begins…

How to definite this Infertility?

Don’t make your self disappointed. Every black clouds have sun rays behind it..

You have to prepare yourself to defiance this situation. You have to understand your problem form medically – a scientific view. Trash out your blind suspicious faith and try to know and understand the reasons of your problems by medical investigations and be ready to solve with a lots of passions.

What is Infertility?

There are such conditions which describes as Infertility..

The couple is unable to conceive after twelve months of regular intercourse without using any contraceptives whenever female is under age of 34 years is describes as under the definition of Infertility.

As per latest definition of Reproductive endocrinologist, the at the age of female after 35, the couple is unable to conceive after six months of regular intercourse without using any contraceptives, is describes as Infertility.

The female who is unable to carrying the pregnancy to full term of delivery.

As Per Ayurveda Definition the female who is unable to deliver a live and healthy child also describes in Infertility.

Ayurveda, a Complete Science: Describes Infertility also the condition where female deliver only one type of gender ( Male or female) which is also a condition of Infertility.. It calls Kakavandhya ( a Sanskrit word that means the female is unable to deliver fetus of both genders).


The Reasons of Infertility:

Male or female or Both (Male and Female) are responsible for the condition of Infertility. The most common factors for Infertility are …

Age-related factor.


Male – females Anatomical problems.

Hormonal Imbalance.

Ignorance of Sexual Knowledge.

Lack of love, faith and understanding between husband and wife.

Male Reproductive dysfunctions

Female Reproductive dysfunctions

Unexplained Infertility

For the condition of Infertility, There are 25% contribution are coming from male, 58% from female, 17% from both combined and 8% conditions are unexplained ( Which are willing to God)


Male Infertility:

The most common factors from Male Infertility are:

Sperm Related Problems

Insufficient Quantity of Sperm Count.

There is not a single sperm seen in semen

Immobility or less mobility of sperms.

Semen with pus cells and Blood cells.

Semen comes out from the vagina after intercourse.

Abnormal liquification time for semen

There are much more factors also described by Ayurveda in details of various pathological condition for the Infertility factor.

Sexual Abnormalities :


Premature Ejaculation

Lack of sexual knowledge

Unable to satisfy his partner

Varicocele (Any type of obstruction in the seminal duct)


Female Infertility:

1. Irregular menstruation, less or heavy bleeding during Menstruation which carried out by such dysfunction of Ovary and it shows also hormonal imbalance.

2. One or both fallopian tube blockage

3. Number of abortions also the cause for not conceiving by the uterus.

4. Various types of infections if Vagina, Vaginal canal, or entrance of Uterus. Inflammation or an ulcer on the cervix area.

5. Hyperacidity in the Vaginal region, which can kill sperms before entering in Uterus cavity.

6. Overweight. Depositing of excessive fat on ovary and uterus which makes huddles for the procedure of conception.

7. Weakness carried from chronic Illness.

8. Leucorrhoea.


Reasons from both for Infertility:

Lack of Proper knowledge of Sexual health.

Irregular and improper Intercourse.

Ayurveda also describes the mental status of both husband and wife is also one of the reasons for Infertility; like lack of love, faith or understanding.

Lack of sexual arousal or satisfaction.

WE are doing Best Treatment for all reason of infertility..

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