Breast tumor is cured by Ayurveda Treatment

Category: Female Health Care Published: Tuesday, 03 February 2009

I Am 42 years old and have removed my uterus before 5 years. Before 2 years I had noticed that my one breast is looks like bigger that the other one. Other female says that it is normal to all females and not to worry about that.


Before six month I have found such heaviness and little pain on my left breast and when I check it I saw two three small hard swelling in it. Next day consult the doctor and then mammography and biopsy was done. Reports declared it was benign tumor and have not any signs of cancer. Simple surgery can remove the problem


Date fixed and surgery was done. After 3-4 weeks there were many problems found. No healing on the scar and also have trouble of pus formation and pain and many other things. I am not comfortable and fell not well after surgery. Now the stitches healed but at the area of scar I too have pain and I feel not comfortable.


Now the issue is that I found same thing in my other breast and after surgical procedure I am not ready for the surgery at the second side, and still was paining. I was searching another way to cure it without surgery and painless treatment.


I have consulted Dr. Nikul Patel in January and after examined he had given me surety about the treatment. Had given me such medicines (Ayurveda medicines have not any side effects) and after one month of medicines I went to his clinic for the Panchkarma treatment of Lepan. After twelve sitting I was amazing that there is not a sign of swelling it was 100% disappeared. No pain and I have no fear. Now only oral medicines are continuing. Thanks to Dr. Nikul Patel who saved me from surgery; I was too much afraid from the surgeryI request you all to consult him before decide the surgery of any breast tumor related issue.


Thanks a lot Dr. Nikul Patel !!


Mrs. K. K. Sharma



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