25 weeks pregnant with severe PUPP

Category: Female Health Care Published: Tuesday, 03 February 2009


I am 25 weeks pregnant with severe PUPP (Pruritic papules and plaques during pregnancy).Doctor has given me using oral steroids for it. I fear the steroids can have any side effects on my baby? Can I able to deliver a healthy child? Kindly help me.
I have read that so many people are using dandelion root capsules and find them good but an Ayurveda doctor has told me that it is not good to take in pregnancy. What I have to do? Is there any safe medication, please advise me..

Mrs. Gupta
Indore, India


Mrs. Gupta
One thing is that steroids can make side effects to you and also it can be for your child. So you have to stop is in decreasing mode.
Ayurveda medicines which made from herbs are safe in pregnancy and even if you take it in regular bases. So please you can consult nearest doctor of Ayurveda for the same or if you wish you can also take such remedies that I am giving you here.

1. Mahamajisthadi Ghanvati 2 tabs twice a day
2. kishor guggulu 2 tabs twice a day
3. Vasadi Ghanvati 2 tabs twice a day

You have to take these Ayurveda medicines with the medication like steroids you are taking recently.. After such days you can decrease the dosage of steroids and after a long you can free from the problem permanently.
Wish you healthy pregnancy

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