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Sir, I am in big depression from last 2 days because of sex problem.

Sir, I am in big depression from last 2 days because of sex problem. my sex life was normal till last wedensday but on friday when  I try to do sex with my wife, my private part is getting loose all times and I could not able to finish Please sir give me a solution, I am in big trouble..

I was normal till wedensday. I dont know what happen but my pennis has got weakness and when I try to enjoy the moment by hand it comes bigger but one next minute it goes down again .. please help sir I will die. I am a newly married man
asked in Penis Problems by ankit
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Have a Healthy Day!!

Welcome to the world of health from Ayurveda conducted by Dr. Nikul Patel.

Congratulations to both of you for happy wedding!

  • As per your problem description, you have a good marriage life startup, but you have this type of problem from last two days.
  • This is very common things in marriage life. In early marriage life most of couple has faced this or another types of sexual failure problem sometimes. But after sometime it’s been settled down and then they are enjoying much.
  • Now in your issue do not worry about this issue. Keep our self relaxed and avoid having sexual intercourse for few days.
  • You can have foreplay and if your partner wants sexual relation you can give her oral sex or masturbation or another way for sexual satisfaction.
  • Talk with her about your temporary problem and she will also helpful to you by making yourself more exited while foreplay and while trying for penetration.
  • Sometimes over masturbation habit in bachelor age; causes this type of problems by weaken of sperm (shukra dhatu) and weaken of penile muscles.
  • Sometime over excitement or trying of new things while sexual lovemaking; gives you this type depressive conditions.
  • Avoid new things in sex for some times.
  • Get confidence return first. If you have stress or any depression of another cause; avoid trying for sex till it solved.
  • If still you are facing problem, go out for honeymoon for 3-4 days and get relaxed.
  • Also such medicines will give you temporary sexual strength and problem solution. Later on when you will have confidence then there is not needed any medicines.

Please start the following Medicines for one month and contact after for further medications and guidance.

Medicines for treatment

  • Su. Makardhvj 1 tab twice  a day
  • Vrushya churna 2 grams twice a day with milk
  • BM Oil for massage over penis twice  a day
  • Aatma gulta tab 2 tabs twice a day

Diet :

1. Avoid Fermented and stale food

2. Avoid food from outside selling

3. Avoid Curd, Buttermilk, Lemon all sour and salty food,

4. Avoid Oily and fried food

I advise you following Yogasan and Pranayam Procedures for better results…

Yoga and Pranayam treatment

1.    Paschimotanasan

2.    Chakrashan

3.    Sarvangasan

4.    Uttanpadasan

5.    Pavan muktasana

In Pranayama

1.    Bhasrika pranayam

2.    Anulom – vilom pranayam

3.    Kapalbhanti pranayam

Note :

Advises given here are basis on safety and availability of everywhere. Although, result may depends on quality from manufacturer of medicines.

We also have available good quality medicines. We are making medicines on non-commercial basis, and only dispatching from our clinic only. Anyone can carry pure medicines from our place or order to get via courier all over world (Courier charges extra). For getting medicines by online consulting, please send email or send message on whatsapp.

You can get consultation from the following address and timings.

Dr. Nikul Patel

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Mobile : +91-98250 40844 ( do not call for free guidance)

Atharva Ayurveda Clinic and Panchkarma Center

307, Third Floor, Shalin Complex,

Krishnabaug, Maninagar,

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