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Category: Online Consulting Published: Tuesday, 03 February 2009

Online Ayurveda Consulting

We are happy to introduce a unique service to make you healthy and well being through Ayurveda - An Ancient Indian System of medicine.
Ayurveda is known by its unique diagnosis system and also for permanent cure. It has large range of Medicines which has not any single side-effects but only good effects. Ayurveda is only one medical science whose principles and observations never changed and will not change; it will be forever as effective as earlier in ancient times.
Various Natural herbs and other natural ingredients give you marvelous results for gaining your health.
You can ask for any types of your health related queries by mail, by comments on this blog or you can direct mail me on my personal mail address. I ensure you for your privacy also. Without your permission it will never published anywhere.
I will try my best in service of caring of your health. I wish you that one bowl of water will be help you from ocean of knowledge.
Listings of such diseases are given below for your kind information and for your Idea. World is endless and diseases are also endless. So, this is only sample based list. you can ask any of your health related queries not only limited for medicines, it will be broad to diet, exercise and also for Yoga and pranayam.

You can also ask me about health care, prevention, Hygiene, Yoga, Pranayam, Panchkarma, Garbha Sanskar, Rituals, Sexual health problems, Sex education, Suvarnaprashan, Immunization and beauty related problems also.

Dr. Nikul Patel

Ayurveda Consultant

Phone : +91-79-400 80844

Mobile : +91-98250 40844 ( do not call for free guidance)

Atharva Ayurveda Clinic and Panchkarma Center

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Ahmedabad (Gujarat); India – 380008

Timings : 10.00 am to 6.30 pm (IST)

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