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How to Order Suvarnaprashan?

In our center every New packs are made on every Pushya Naxtra days, So if wny one want to order Suvarnaprashan for their children; they must have to order before the pushya naxtra days.

Please refere the Next Pushya naxtra days from the link as below;

Suvarnaprashan Pushya Naxtra Dates   then communicate on the follwing email as lifecareayurveda@gmail.com or contact by phone as +91-9825040844 to Dr. Nikul Patel for the price.

Most of we pllaned as we can give Suvarnaprashan any tiem. but sometimes we do not have enough packs, then you have to wait for the next Pushya naxtra days.

Its needed to make full advance payment for confirm order and it will dispatch first come first basis.

We are sending Suvarnaprashan all over world by courier.

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20-04-2013 12:24
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