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Its enough as we are giving Royal Suvarnaprashan only on Pushya Naxtra days from our near by camp or Hospital?

As per the refrence of "Kashyap Smahita" (a text book of paediatrics in Ayurveda). Suvarnaprashan have to made on Pushya naxtra days and then after it has to give on daily basis. If we want to get full benefits which described in the reference of Suvarnaprashan as to improve Immunity,. memory boosting, Digestion correction and improving physical ane mental health of the child; Should have to give on everyday dosage constant and minimum six months.


Camp and other institues are giving Suvarnaprashan on Pushya naxtra Days only for making awarenss about the cvoncept of Ayurveda, but to get full bebefits, it have to give everyday.

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