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How can we make payment?

There are multiple way to make payment of Suvarnaprashan. 

1. Cash Payment or Net Transfer to my SBI bank account

My Bank details are as :

Bank : State Bank of India

Account Name : Nikul Patel

Branch : Station Road, Maninagar

Account Number : 20081634807

Account Type : Saving

MICR Code : 380002109

IFSC Code : SBIN0011788


2. Transfer with using mobile banking;

For Mobile Banking

MMID Code : 9007965

mobile no : 9825040844


3. Transfer with using Paypal account if you are out side of India

For that please make request order to my email id as lifecareayurveda@gmail.com; I will send you payment invoice.


4. Sending Cheque :

You can send multi city cheque on the name of "Atharva Ayurveda Clinic" to my postal adress as given previously.


5. Money Transfer

Send money with western union / moneygram or another money transfter services if you are outside from India.



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